Brand-New Live Virtual Magic Shows

Our Live and Interactive Virtual Magic Shows are each an hour of fun, hilarious and tongue-in-cheek virtual performance mixing mischief, mentalism, mystery, and magic with our unique style of Psychological Artistry, all delivered through Zoom.

We have two options for our Virtual Magic Shows. See the table below for which one suits you best:

* All highlighted can be arranged through contacting us beforehand at

Virtually Impossible - Magic Shows

If you’re looking for a virtual birthday party, special occassion, an online team-building experience or just a casual get-together with your friends after a long week, or any and all of the above, to be hosted by a pair of father-and-son magicians who are enthusiastic, friendly, great fun and entertaining to watch, we’re absolutely ideal for you!

During this show, we involve you, your choices, and your decisions directly by demonstrating:

Mind-melting mind reading - Fantastic and futuristic foresight - Sneaky sleight-of-hand skills - Puzzling persuasive powers - Impossible influencing - Humorous hoaxes and hijinks - Perplexing psychological predictions

These are more flexible shows which have their dates and times selected by you and you get to share the event with your family, your friends, colleagues and anyone else who you might like! Click here to find out how to do that now.

Watch our video below for more information on our Virtual Magic Shows:

Online Shows

Jiggery-Pokery, noun, /ˌjiɡərēˈpōkərē/ - a rhythmic Scottish phrase describing dishonesty, falsification, or nonsense, akin to hocus pocus, humbug, baloney, bunkum, flapdoodle, flim-flam, hooey, poppycock, or hogwash.

Our house is now open for strange stories, twisted tales, and, of course, Psychological Jiggery-Pokery – through Zoom. Please take your digital front row seats at the screen nearest you!

The Jiggery-Pokery Show mixes moments of mystifying magic and mischief with strange stories and twisted tales, throwing in all manners of fun, frivolity and foul-play along the way, to bring our magic to life!

These are set shows with a specific time and date performed up to 3 times a month (click here to find out these details now). They're open to anyone and feature a mix of audiences with a large age-range and from a whole number of locations!

Watch our video below for more information on the Jiggery-Pokery Show: