With jaw-dropping tricks and a Dickensian Christmas theme, join us for an online event of delightful magical mysteries, a jolly lot of fun and a whole heap of wonders and Christmas joy for our 'What The Dickens' Online Christmas Magic Show!
Gift your Loved Ones

Gift Your Loved Ones Some Magic!Surprise Them With Our Show!

Our Christmas themed Online Magic Show is the perfect surprise and unique gift for your loved one! This is an interactive and unique show, so they get a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they'll never forget!

Celebrate XMAS Together

Great For A Virtual Get Together!Spend Some Spectacular Time Together Digitally!

We know it will be hard this year being limited with who we can spend our time with, so this is a great excuse to share some time together online and watch some amazing festive-themed magic as well!

Sweets, Cakes & More

Loads of Festive Fun!Enjoy The Christmas Season With Magic!

Our magic is packed full with laugh-out-loud wonder, joy and fun! Especially with it being the holiday season, you can make sure we'll be merry, festive and full of (mostly unironic) jolliness!

You can expect our usual mix of magic, mind-reading, mystery and mischief, this time with a jolly and festive fun spin on a Christmas theme! With all brand-new tricks that have been directly inspired by Scrooge, Marley, The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future and so much more, you'll have a great time!⁠


This is a show you can book for your family, friends, office, groups or organisation all through Zoom!

It couldn’t be simpler - all you need to do is to email us using the button below, we will confirm the date and time you want the show to take place and then we’ll provide you with the unique Zoom ID and password to join us for our interactive online magic show!

Up to 100 people can watch at one time, and all they need to do is use the free-to-download software called Zoom on their phone, tablet, laptop, PC or anything with a camera and microphone and a stable internet connection! It will be beamed straight from our living room to yours, even if you’re hundreds of miles away!

Our Online Christmas Magic show is live and dynamic and will involve you, your choices and what you have to say, so it’ll be utterly unique to you and the group of people you’re in! This means it’s not just a fun and jolly festive-themed magic show, but an experience like nothing else!


This will be unique event to you and your group, but you can still see what people have said about our incredible previous online and face-to-face shows! We will make sure that we bring the same amazing level of magic, mystery and fun to our Online Christmas Magic Show!

Great entertainment at our recent family BBQ and enjoyed by all, including the children. Some very good tricks, lots of laughs and incredible close up magic. Excellent.

David, Coventry

Alex has amazing showmanship, he’s absolutely hilarious and had us in stitches the whole time whilst also kept us amazed with his magic. We all had such an amazing time. Would definitely recommend him or George!

Harpreet, Leicester

Their passion for the craft, their unpretentious delivery of their content and the humourir make for a truly entertaining and enlightening show. Highly recommended!!

Karen, London

Really fun and engaging. Thank you for a great time. A must have experience for anyone!

Michael, Birmingham

Fantastic ... Everything was done very professionally. George and Alex came across as very knowledgable yet humble. Would easily recommend it!

Tony, London

Wow! What a fantastic, entertaining act for my party. Loved it, thanks. Will definitely be booking again.

Sarah, Lichfield

The delivery was genuine and from a place of real authenticity. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable ands rewarding day. Thanks for all those 'no way' moments.

Simon, Birmingham

Saw one of their coffee and magic shows. Lots of laughs from this super fun and quirky duo. Would definitely do again.

Rachel, Solihull

Loved every moment of it! They kept the group (there were about 25 of us) engaged, entertained and surprised throughout. Great people and fabulous entertainment!

Melanie, Birmingham

I know everyone loves a “bit of magic” but there were many very favourable comments about the great entertainment he provided. I shall certainly remember them for the future

Christopher, Stourbridge

George and Alex are so generous at sharing their skills and knowledge. Their enthusiasm for magic is infectious! Thank you so much for a great day. Thoroughly recommended!

Lorne, London

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We’re George and Alex, father-and-son professional magicians ideal for entertainment for an online Christmas magic show! We love performing our magic, entertaining people and having fun.

Gift your Loved Ones


Magician, Writer, Nerd and Storyteller

Alex, the A in AGMagicians, is a brilliantly funny and engaging performer who's been trained in magic, improv and acting since he was 11-years-old. Alex lives for performing magic because it combines his love of art, theatre, mystery and storytelling.

Gift your Loved Ones


Mind-Reader, Psychologist, Comedy Guru

George, the G in AGMagicians, is a wonderfully surreal mind-reader and magician who's been performing magic for over 30-years. His background in psychology and science makes him a perfect entertainer for providing goosebumps, laughter and mystery.


We know you probably have some questions about what we do, how we do it and the kind of experience you'll get, so have a look at some of these FAQs below! If we don't answer your questions, please feel free to get in touch at or on 07941 521 469.

How Do I Book? How Do I Use Zoom?

It really couldn’t be simpler to join in - all you need to do is email us using the button below and we’ll get in touch to confirm details and then provide you with the unique Zoom ID and password to join us for our interactive online magic show!

All you need to do is download Zoom (for free) for your phone, tablet, laptop or computer - anything with a microphone, camera and stable internet connection! You can get the app/software by clicking here.

What Age Is This Suitable For?
The Christmas Show is family friendly, though by the nature of the psychological magic we perform and some of the slightly more mature themes we may look at, we suggest audiences of about 14 years and older.
When Can You Do It? How Long Does The Show Last For?
We can do our show any time you'd like as it's all virtual and takes place through Zoom. Email us using the button below and we can arrange a date and time for you! We recommend being ready and joining us on Zoom about 15-minutes early to get any technical issues sorted out. The whole event will last for about 60-minutes, though we may go slightly over that.
Can I Take Part In It?
Yes, absolutely anyone can join in! This is an interactive, dynamic and live experience! We can have up to 100 screens at one time, so just make sure to have your camera and microphone turned on when we ask for volunteers!
Can I Book You For A Private Party/Corporate Event/Organisaiton?
Yes, you certainly can! We can perform for you and your family, for offices, for organisations and for groups of up to 100 screens at a time. To find out more, please feel free to get in touch at or on 07941 521 469.
How Much Is It? How Do I Pay?
We will work out how much each event is depending on your needs, time and date and how many are in the audience. You can email us using the button below and once we confirm your details, we will let you know the price! We accept PayPal and all major credit/debit cards, as well as being able to issue invoices if you require them.
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