Virtually Impossible

Brand-New Live and Interactive Virtual Magic Shows

Our new way of delivering live magic shows, designed specifically to be an interactive virtual experience, is an entertaining mixture of realtime on-screen entertainment, in your hands through the props we send to you, and impossibly, on your very own phone right in front of you.

We’ve adapted traditional and psychological magic, added in our twist of humour and a new radical pricing approach, all producing a perfect and affordable piece of online entertainment for you, your friends, your family, and anyone else with whom you want to share it.

Watch our videos below for more information:

What Makes These Live Shows Unique?

We’ve spent the last few months developing these shows and making sure they’re both incredibly entertaining and worth it for you:

They’re not just digital

we send you a collection of physical and secret props before your event begins that means the magic happens in your hands

They’re packed with magic

we’ve made sure, no matter the length of our time together, you get to see as many mischievous mysteries as possible

They’re made especially for Zoom

they’re not just like TV shows or YouTube videos, they’re specifically made to be interactive and focused on you and your responses

They’re funny and entertaining

our magic isn’t a dour and dull affair, we have fun, tell jokes and provide engaging and entertaining mysteries throughout the show

They’re current and up-to-date

you’ll get to join in by using your phones/tablets/laptops etc. and witness parts of the magic happening right in-front of you

They’re not just for special occasions

they work for parties and events, but are suitable for get togethers, social occasions or even just a stay-at-home drink

They’re written & performed by us

we’re father-and-son professional magicians mixing sleight-of-hand & sleight-of-mind and working together for 10 years

They’re affordable to almost everyone

Our new pricing approach makes the shows affordable and accessible to all with a phone and internet connection

Radical New Pricing

A radical pricing method means that we can make this affordable to all. Because this is all completely new and novel, we’ve developed our own innovative approach to how we can bring this to you: so, unlike conventional magic shows and online performances, this uniquely interactive one-hour virtual magic show will be streamed live into your living room, for one night only!

Watch the video below to find out more:

What Will You Get From This Virtual Magic Show?

Our live and interactive magic entertainment mixes mystifying magic and mischief with strange stories and twisted tales, throwing in psychological jiggery-pokery along the way, to bring our magic to life - from our place to yours.

Many people question whether it’s possible to get a magical experience through Zoom – however, if you’re curious, you can come along and see how we can do it.

We’ve produced this virtual magic show to be as entertaining and as interactive for you as possible:

  • You interacting with us live onscreen,
  • You using physical props we send through the post, and
  • You witnessing impossible occurrences happening through your own phone or device.

How Does Our Online Magic Show Work?

It’s all quite simple and straight-forward. All you need to do is book - click here to see how to book - choose a date and time that suits you and invite your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, and we’ll provide you with the unique Zoom ID and password to join us for our interactive online magic show!

By using Zoom, a free-to-download piece of software that you can get on your phone, tablet, PC or laptop, you can connect with us during the experience.

Lastly, we’ll send out a pack of secret props to the event organiser and their group - make sure to have these at hand, but DO NOT OPEN THEM BEFORE THE EVENT. (We’ll also send out an additional pack per every 5-screen.) This will contain all the things you need to get the magic working in your hands.

And voila – you’re ready for everyone with whom you wish to share the experience to get to be part of one of our unique, interactive virtual magic shows!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Suitable For?

Our online magic show is suitable for anyone with a phone, tablet, laptop, PC and a stable internet connection! The show is suitable for all ages, though we tend to focus on audiences above 16-years-old.

We will make each virual show unique to your and your situation, so it doesn’t matter if it’s you and your mates hanging out, if grandma and grandad are in the (digital) room with us, or if it’s just the two of us to one of you!

How Many People Can Watch?

Up to 100 people can watch at one time, and all they need to do is use the free-to-download software called Zoom on their device. We will attach an additional fee of £4.99 per group watching. It will be beamed straight from our living room to yours, at your selected time and date, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

Is It Really This Inexpensive?

Yes, the base price is really this cheap! We wanted to make sure these live magic shows were truly affordable and accessible to everyone, so we have radically changed our pricing structure to reflect things like renting films and streaming services.

How Do We Book?

All you need to do is to just click here to use the online booking below! Pick a date and a time, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible confirming your details and giving you the access codes!

Our 5Reviews

Chris, Stourbridge

I know everyone loves a “bit of magic” but there were many very favourable comments about the great entertainment he provided. I shall certainly remember him for the future

Lorne, London

George and Alex are so generous at sharing their skills and knowledge. Their enthusiasm for magic is infectious! Thank you so much for a great day. Thoroughly recommended!

Who Are We?


The Son - Film Nerd

Alex is a born entertainer, and both a hilarious comedian and magician. He has spent years in the theatre, both on- and off-stage, someday soon he might even find the door marked EXIT. Mixing funny moments with a deep love for magic and cinematic storytelling, Alex brings a wonderful, comedic and memorable magical atmosphere to his performances.


The Father - Comedy Guru

George is a highly-skilled, knowledgeable and brilliant magician. He fuses his background of psychology and magic into what he calls 'Psychological Artistry'. Inspired by the likes of Derren Brown, Paul Daniels and Basil Fawlty, George's unique and quirky mix of insightful comedy and powerful magic is sure-fire hit!

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